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Undergraduate Studies

The Nuclear and Particle Physics Section is responsible for the teaching of several core courses in the Physics Department as well as special courses for the students who pursue a specialization in Nuclear and Particle Physics. The new studies program of the Physics Department has been formed in such a way so that students in the Nuclear and Particle Physics Section are offered a combination of mandatory and elective courses. A list of the courses follows:

eclass Course

[] Nuclear Physics I
[] Particle Physics
[] Electromagnetism ΙΙ (**)
[] Introduction to Atomic & Molecular Physics (**)

[] Advanced Nuclear Physics Lab (##)

[] Special Subjects in Nuclear & Particle Physics
[] Medical Physics
[] Mathematical Physics
[] Astroparticle & Cosmic Radiation Physics
[] Contemporary Quantum Mechanics & Applications

For the complete catalog of undergraduate Physics courses visit eclass

(**) In case "Electromagnetism ΙΙ" has been selected as Core Elective, "Atomic & Molecular Physics" becomes mandatory.

(##) The final lab grade is merged with either "Nuclear Physics I" or "Particle Physics".