A Welcome Note

Welcome to the website of the Department of Nuclear and Particle Physics in the Faculty of Physics of the University of Athens, Greece

The academic staff members of our Section are involved in a wide range of research projects, from the understanding of the properties of matter at a subatomic level to the understanding of nuclear systems, the properties of radiation and the applications on humans and the environment.

The contribution of our Academic Staff is important in both theory and experiment, through international collaborations and scientific activities in large laboratories at the core of contemporary Nuclear and Particle Physics research.

In addition, the Department plays a central role in providing high-quality education to the students of the Physics Faculty, building tomorrow's physicists. Besides core education provided to all students of the Physics Faculty, the Department provides specialization in Nuclear and Particle Physics via its focused program of studies, as well as its specially designed graduate program leading to MSc and PhD degrees.

More information on our Academic Staff's research and educational activities may be found in the corresponding pages.

Enjoy your visit!