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Theoretical Nuclear Physics Group

Group Members

  • Eirini Mavrommatis, Associate Professor (Ret.)
  • Collaborators: Graduate and undergraduate students, UoA professors and Researchers from Greece and abroad (USA, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ukraine).

Short Description

The group is active in research mainly on Theoretical Nuclear Physics (studies of nuclei and multi-nucleon system of nuclear matter and neutron matter). This is closely related to Nuclear Astrophysics, Many-Body Theory, Complex Systems Theory and Artificial Intelligence. It comprises mainly the following two fields:

  • Microscopic theory of multi-nucleon systems: Study of correlations (short- and long-range, pairing, complexity and chaotic dynamics)
  • Development of Statistical Modeling of various nuclear properties using statistical analysis methods (neuronic networks etc)

Pythagoras Program – Artificial Intelligence Modeling

Main aims are: i) enrich knowledge of the structure and dynamics of nuclei (focusing on nuclei far from stability) and multi-nucleon systems ii) obtain reliable estimations of nuclear observables that are necessary for the understanding of several astrophysical phenomena and processes iii) develop theoretical-calculational techniques for the microscopic quantum theory of strongly-interacting particles, and the scattering theory due to time-dependent potentials, as well as the development of statistical machine learning methods.

Selected Publications

  1. M. Petraki, E. Mavrommatis, O. Benhar, J.W. Clark, A. Fabrocini, S. Fantoni, Final-State Interactions in the Response of Nuclear Matter, Phys. Rev. C67, 014605 (2003)
  2. S. Athanassopoulos, E. Mavrommatis, K.A. Gernoth, J.W. Clark, Nuclear Mass Systematics Using Neural Networks, Nucl. Phys. A743, 222 (2004)
  3. P. Papakonstantinou, J. Wambach, E. Mavrommatis and U. Yu. Ponomarev, Nuclear Vorticity and the Low-Energy Nuclear Response: Towards the Neutron Drip Line, Phys. Lett. B604, 157 (2004)
  4. A. Shebeko, P. Papakonstantinou, E. Mavrommatis, The One-Body and Two-Body Density Matrices of Finite Nuclei with an Appropriate Treatment of Center of Mass - Motion, Eur. Phys. J. A77, 143 (2006)
  5. P.K. Papachristou, E. Mavrommatis, V. Constantoudis, F.K. Diakonos and J. Wambach, Nonlinear Classical Model for the Decay Widths of Isoscalar Monopole Resonances, Phys. Rev. C77, 044305 (2008)
  6. E. Pavlou, E. Mavrommatis, J.W. Clark, A CBF Calculation of Superfluidity in the Inner Crust of Neutron Stars, 18th Hellenic Symposium on Nuclear Physics HNPS (2009); in submission to Nucl. Phys. A.
  7. N.J. Costiris, E. Mavrommaris, K.A.Gernoth, J.W. Clark, Decoding Beta-Decay Systematics: A Global Statistical Model for β- Halflives, Phys. Rev. C80, 044332 (2009); Statistical Global Model of β- -Halflives and r-Process Nucleosynthesis, arXiv: 1309.0540 (nucl-th), in submission to Phys. Rev. C.

Research Gramts

Theoretical Nuclear Physics, UoA

Occasional funding by GSRT, NSF (USA) and EU

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