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Strings, Fields and Mathematical Physics Group

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Short Description

The group carry out research on string theory, fundamental aspects of field theory, as well as relevant mathematical physics subjects. More specifically, current research focuses on:

  • Correspondence of gauge theories to string theory
  • Non-perturbative aspects and duality in string and field theories
  • Supergravity theories describing the behavior of string theoreis and M-theories at low energies
  • Fundamental aspects of black holes physics and cosmology
  • Conformal field theories and integratable systems

Research Grants

  • Program "ARISTEIA" (PI: K. Sfetsos) entitled Holographic Hydrodynamics, GSRT, September 2012, duration: 3 years.
  • Program "Irakleitos ΙΙ" (PI: K. Sfetsos, PhD G. Itsios) entitled Integratable structures in string and field theories, GSRT, January 2011, duration: 3 χρόνια
  • Program MC-IOF (International Outgoing Fellowships), entitled Beyond Abelian T-duality (PI: K. Sfetsos, Post Doc E. O'Colgain), January 2013, duration: 2+1 years.