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Theoretical Physics Seminary

(photo: courtesy Prof. Emer. A. Lahanas)

The Theoretical Physics Seminary was founded in 1966 by the Professor of Theoretical Physics Fokion Hatzioannou and has been a nursery for the education and scientific development of several young scientists for over two decades. It was one the finest theoretical seminaries in the country, having a modern library with a large number of books from international publishers and high-impact scientific journals. There was also a multiplicity of more than one for the reference books to serve the needs of the academic staff and the students.

The most important journals in the field of Particle Physics and other research areas in Physics and Mathematics were available in the library of the seminary, in a period of time when digitization of journals was non-existent and the cost for journal subscriptions quite high. Nevertheless, the passion of its Director, F. Hatzioannou, resulted in a top-quality research environment. In addition, the seminary was equipped with small computers, quite a while before the spreading of PCs to the scientific community, accompanied by preprints publishing machines and image processing units for best quality publications. Apart from the weekly research seminars, the most important activity of the seminary was the teaching of advanced courses for students pursuing knowledge besides the undergraduate program of studies. This program of advanced courses in combination with the summer schools organized by the seminary were responsible for the scientific development of many young scientists that got distinguished international careers in the following years.

Today, the seminary has lost its early shine, mainly due to the loss of independence at both an academic and a financial level in the mid-80s. However, the seminary still keeps its legal status hoping to be reborn and be useful by offering high quality knowledge to the students, if conditions permit it.